Roto-Boss™ Meter Run

Having spent most of my working life dealing with Orifice Product, I am very pleased to offer this alternative design. The design complies with ISO 5167 & AGA 3. This design can manage your plate change without the need for line isolation. Unlike the traditional Orifice Chambers, this does not require multiple steps of operation or challenging maintenance of the components to accommodate individual plate changes.” Steve Crawshaw (MInstMC)

The Roto-Boss™ Multi-Orifice Meter Run can rotate five plates within an eccentric carrier under line operation. Plate extraction is from an inspection port offline to the process. A great design when considering isolation challenges and regular plate inspections.

A key benefit is being able to load five different beta ratio plates to offer huge flow turn-down without the need for pipeline intervention. Add high-end instrumentation and automation, you have a smart, dynamic meter built on the robustness of DP Technology.

Consider FPSO metering and Gas outlets on separators? The Roto-Boss™ will add huge operational benefits.

These meters can also be produced to fit in with existing Orifice Meter runs allowing for an almost “Mechano-like” Revamp / Brownfield consideration.

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