ST10V – Control Valve

Engineered simply for exceptional performance with zero emissions.

Yes, when it’s engineered with the end-user in mind. The
ST10V is comprised of just four parts – but this simplicity
delivers virtually bullet-proof performance.

Our axial flow design handles extreme flow rates, delivering precise control in a range of applications without hunting or
noise. Best of all, the ST10V is so durable that you can
practically install and forget about it.


  • The ST10V is uniquely engineered to to utilize the process gas or supplied nitrogen to control the valve, allowing it to dump excess fluid downstream. The ST10V does not need to vent into the atmosphere.
  • Customizing options for the body and cone assembly, including carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel and viton, combined with high pressure or low pressure sleeves, provide superior resistance to abrasions and corrosion. This makes the valve compatible with most process applications.
  • The elastomer sleeve, used in place of the spring and diaphragm parts found on conventional flow meters, eliminates hunting and offers exceptional pressure control.
  • With just four main components, the simple design of the ST10V makes it easy to service in the field, saving time and adding productivity.
  • Because of their unique cone and sleeve assembly, Sur-Tech valves are much more compact than conventional spring and diaphragm valves. An 8-inch 600 ANSI Sur-Tech valve can do the work of a 5 foot spring and diaphragm valve.
  • Engineered for accuracy. Meets the AGA 2000 Interchangeable parts for valve applications (back pressure control valve, pressure reducing, flow control valve, etc.) reduce the need to stock part inventory.

Process Applications

  • Back Pressure Valve
  • Dump Valve
  • By-pass Valve
  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Choke Valve
  • Differential Pressure Valve
Standard SizesUp to 8” (contact Sur-Tech for larger sizes)
Pressure Rating150 – 1500 ANSI
Process/Ambient Temperature Range-50° C – 149° C
Pipe MaterialsA106 / 316SS
Flange MaterialsA105N / 316SS
Cone Material316 SST Standard, Optional Tool Steel Available
Seal MaterialHSN
Flow Conditioner Materia316SS
NACE Specification (when requested)MR0175

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