ST1015 – paddle meter

The toughest, most effective meter on the market.

Engineered with the end-user in mind. When we created the ST1015, we started by looking at the pain points with conventional turbine meters. Then we engineered an advancement of the classic turbine meter – one that’s accurate, tough as nails and easy to use. Our paddle meters outlast and outperform the competition, even in the harshest environments.


  • Durable materials, such as tungsten carbide and duplex stainless steel, stand up to corrosion and abrasion in harsh environments.
  • Patented design puts the rotor out of the direct path of the liquids, which minimizes the impact of gas breakouts.
  • Bi-directional meter and internal parts make installation fool-proof.
  • Improved rotor bearing design reduces friction and wear.
  • Paddle is designed to spin at the velocity of the line flow, which significantly reduces wear and tear.
  • Open bore design minimizes plugging from abrasives and foreign materials, ensuring the ST1015 consistently provides reliable measurement.

Process Applications

  • Liquid Measurement
  • Fluid Separation Systems
  • Fracturing Process
  • Wellhead Flow-line Measurement
  • H2o, Co2, Polymer Injection Wells System
  • Disposal Well
  • Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Slurry Measurement
  • Water Management System
Standard Meter SizesUp to 8” (for larger sizes, contact Sur-Tech)
Maximum Operating Pressure150 – 1500 ANSI
Flow Rates5 – 27,000 M³/Day , 0.9 – 4990 US GPM
Meter Temperature Range-75°C – 149°C, -100°F – 300°F
Accuracy± 1% of reading
Repeatability± 0.5% of indicated flow throughout the linear flow range
Process ConnectionsNPT, Flanged, and Victaulic, custom connections available upon request
NACE ComplianceMR0175
Up to 2”NPT: 6” face to face, flanged: 16” raised face to raised face
3” and 4”NPT: 12” face to face, flanged: 16” raised face to raised face
6” and 8” or largerNPT: 16” face to face, flanged: 16” raised face to raised face
Note: custom lengths are available
Standard-101°C – 165°C, -150°F – 330°F
HighAvailable upon request
Note: Magnetic Pickup Coil is intrinsically safe

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